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“Rye’s Bar and Restaurant Wing Night” by Trent Castleberry


Yesterday I went to Rye’s Bar and Restaurant. It was the second time I had been there for their wing night special. The first time I went, the food was great, and I expected it to be the same in the future…it didn’t disappoint.

From the moment I walked in, I could feel that the place had a “locals only” scene, but we were given a very warm welcome. The seating was very nonchalant; meaning we sat ourselves and the waitress assisted us when she could.

Looking at the menu was a daunting task, because it was pretty large, but I was only there for one thing. You guessed it, wings! Looking at each individual type of sauce was crazy. I had to ask our waitress what each one tasted like because there were just too many to choose from.


When my friends and I finally ordered, the atmosphere was very friendly. We could talk about anything in their informal layout without fear of everyone overhearing, while enjoying a quality meal. We had a really fun time talking. “Girl talk” was the main topic. About 20 minutes in, our plates of heavenly glory headed towards us. As she handed us our wings, I was literally salivating just thinking about eating them. Now, since I was the only man in the group of three women, I had to do the right thing and order about twice as many wings as them. Ten savory wings sat in front of me waiting to be devoured; and man, did I devour them.

By the time we were all finished up, we had been in the restaurant for about an hour and a half. This was an uryesunusual amount of time to be in a restaurant, but it was so comfortable that we didn’t even notice the time.

When all was said and done, we waited on our checks. We talked about different things going on in each other’s lives and how good the meal was and then, before we knew it, the checks came. The best part of the meal wasn’t just the wings, it was the price! I ate more than enough wings to fill myself TO THE BRIM and my bill was only about ten dollars.

Wednesday nights at Rye’s Bar and Restaurant should be a weekly occurrence in everyone’s lives.

Need directions? Click this link to take you to Google Maps.

Share your favorite wing sauce below!


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