General Announcements

Preparing for Snow Emergencies at Vulcan Village


We currently have a large predicted amount of snow headed our way for this weekend, and we want you to be properly prepared. As such, we want to give you strategies in order to be properly prepared for a weather emergency, including the possibility of an extended power outage at Vulcan Village.

  • Have flashlights and batteries on hand in your apartment to use in the case of a power outage
  • DO NOT use candles as they pose a fire hazard.
  • Prepare to keep perishable items cold, especially medication needing refrigeration. Only open your refrigerator and freezer doors as few times as possible in order to keep items cold. If power is out for an extended amount of time (1+ days), it is advisable that you transfer food to coolers with ice (they can freeze bottles or jugs of water ahead of time for this purpose).

You should have a plan with your family to evacuate Vulcan Village in the case that we are without power for an extended amount of days and the university cancels classes. We will be working with campus to offer alternate housing if needed. Please understand that Vulcan Village has no control over West Penn Power’s power grid and their time of response to a region-wide emergency, so we ask that you remain patient and respectful with our staff.

Please use your cell phone to see our updates on Facebook and Twitter as well as on the bottom of the Cal U. webpage. Sign up for Cal U. text alerts if you have not already done so. Notices will be placed on the bulletin boards, on the mail kiosks, as well as on the fitness center door and our office.

We do not want to alarm you, but want you and your family to be prepared. Please call us at 724-938-8990 if you should have any questions.

* Graphic courtesy of the Weather Channel