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Successful Apartment Maintenance Tips & Tricks

 Vulcan Village Maintenance

1. MAINTENANCE STAFF IS HERE MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM: Vulcan Village as three maintenance staffers: one manager / supervisor and two technicians. One of our technicians is certified in heating and air conditioning repair. When putting in a work order online, please try to do so in the morning so that the maintenance team can prepare and respond that same day. If you put in a work order toward the end of their work day as they’re cleaning up and getting ready to go home, most likely you’ll have to wait until the following day for the issue to be fixed. Maintenance staff will respond after hours for major emergencies (e.g., water outage, electric outage, etc.) if you call the on-call phones after the office closes at (724) 322-8868 or (724) 970-4034.

2. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL AN ISSUE IS SERIOUS OR BECOMES FRUSTRATING: Unfortunately, many residents wait until a maintenance issue becomes a bigger problem before they put in a work order. The maintenance team cannot respond to an problem if they do not know about it. We would rather you put in a work order for something now that may not seem a big deal instead of waiting days into weeks when it has become a major inconvenience. If you have a continuing issue even after maintenance has visited your apartment, please contact Assistant Director Justin in the office at (724) 938-8990.

3. USE THE ONLINE WORK ORDER SYSTEM: Use your vulcanvillage.com account to put in a maintenance request. These go into our system and the maintenance staff prints the work orders in order to respond to your apartment. If you are having problems with your online account, please contact the office at (724) 938-8990.

4. YOU CANNOT PACK THE GARBAGE DISPOSAL WITH FOOD: From time to time we see work orders for clogged kitchen sinks because they are backed up with food, glass, and other objects. The garbage disposal is indeed powerful, but constant grinding of plates full of food (or from leftover containers) day after day will be too much for the sink plumbing to handle, and it clogs. Scrape plates and food containers into the trash first before using the disposal as a quick remedy.

 5. DO NOT RUN YOUR AIR CONDITIONER WHEN IT IS COLD OUT: You can and will freeze the condensing unit outside if you run your air conditioner while it is cold outside; this means anything less than 60 degrees outside. If you freeze this up, not only will it stop your cooling system from working, but you can seriously damage the unit. During the spring months when it fluctuates between warmer and cooler days, open your windows and turn on the fans if you need to rather than just turning on the A/C.

6. RUN YOUR BATHROOM FAN WHEN TAKING A SHOWER: This helps to eliminate moisture in your bathroom and lessens the chance for mildew to form on surfaces, such as the tub and tile. This also makes it easier for you when cleaning your bathroom so you don’t have to spend a lot of time scrubbing surfaces or having to use harsh cleaning chemicals.

As always, our staff is here to make your college living experience enjoyable and safe so please let us know promptly if you are having any maintenance issues so we can respond to them. Thanks for staying with us here at Vulcan Village!

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