Senioritis…It’s Going Around!

Teenage girl studying

Many seniors beginning their last semester before graduation tend to find ways to procrastinate, stress out, or just come down with a severe case of “senioritis”.  However, there is a cure for this productivity zapping and academic inhibiting ailment.  To help avoid procrastination, aid with that last semester stress, and manage the precarious “senioritis,” it is important to plan, organize, and focus on the ultimate goal: finishing your degree.  Here are some tips to help get you through the next four months:

Plan out and reset your schedule

As this is your last semester you feel you are a pro at what many call “syllabus week” or that first week of classes where professors discuss the schedule and due dates.  As such, you feel it is not important for you to be in class.  This is only a symptom so there is no need to get nervous and there is still time to combat any issues.  So before panicking grab a planner, go through each syllabus, and then write down test and due dates, breaks, holidays, and all your activities.  Planning is an important and necessary step in helping alleviate senioritis.  Plan-out and follow your schedule so that you limit the amount of stress you have this semester and so you don’t “freak out” when something happens out of the blue.

Get organized

Have you set time for studying, homework, sleeping, eating, and personal hygiene?  You have managed to do all of these things for the last three and a half years and it is important not to get out of your routine.  It is extremely important that you organize your time this semester so that you are taking care of academics, activities, responsibilities, and yourself.  Get into the habit of designating study and homework time every day.  Stay ahead of your course work to help ease your stress.  Make sure you are sleeping and eating properly because this gives both your body and mind an opportunity relax and refresh itself.  So another important step for helping curb senioritis is getting or keeping yourself organized.

Never forget your MAIN GOAL.

This is your last semester and you have worked hard to get here.  It is only natural to be excited and even ready to graduate.  However be sure that you are not losing sight of your ultimate goal and letting all of that hard work go by the wayside.  Your main goal this semester is to graduate but the path that will lead to that goal is avoiding or limiting “senioritis.”  Push yourself harder this semester, make it your mission to finish the semester or graduate with a certain GPA.  Set a personal goal you know you will have to work towards because doing so will help you start planning, it will shape you scheduling and organization, it will help you focus on your ultimate goal.  Be proud of what you have accomplished so far, develop a solid plan for helping limit your “senioritis,” and reward yourself for a job well-done.

Remember as you get closer to your last few days of being a senior: don’t procrastinate, there is no need for stress, follow your plan, and you will help keep your academic life in order.

Senioritis may go around this semester but follow these tips and you will be on the right tracks for helping boost your immunity to it.


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What are some other signs or symptoms of senioritis that you have noticed?  What are some ways you will help ensure you will finish your last semester off strong?  What advice can you offer others?  Please share your comments with us.

(courtesy of Paige Williams – CA Building 5)


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