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5 Tips for Turning Resolutions Into Lifestyle Changes

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As the clock ticks to midnight on New Year Even, people around the world make  resolutions to change something in their life.  Some popular resolutions are losing weight, eating healthier, being a better person, or breaking a bad habit. Yet the trend each year seems to be that people stick to their plans for the first month but then taper off. For some reason, it is rare to see someone that is truly able to continue the whole year with their resolution. However, using these five tips you will be able to take steps towards turning your new years resolution into a new lifestyle!

First tip: Be reasonable.

Limit yourself to one resolution at a time and make sure your goal is attainable. If your resolution is to become a millionaire, the chances of that happening are slim in comparison to a resolution to lose 20 pounds over the next year. It is important to start small.

Second tip: Pair up with a friend.

Having someone to hold you accountable and push you to keep going will make it easier to stick with it. Lets say your resolution is to get in shape, when one of you is dragging and thinking about skipping a workout the other person can encourage you to keep going.

Third Tip: Journal/Blogging

Start a workout journal or blog where you write your goals and log your activities. Doing this will help remind you of the overall goal and continue to motivate you along the way.

Fourth Tip: Stay positive

Rome wasn’t built in a day…Change takes time, so patience is key. If you are not seeing the results you like within the first couple of weeks don’t be discouraged, stay positive, and keep going because results will come with time and effort.

Fifth Tip: Healthy Rewards

If you are sticking to your plan feel free to reward yourself! However, you don’t want it to be the type of reward that erases all of the hard work you have achieved. For example: if your resolution is to quit smoking don’t reward yourself with a cigarette! Instead reward yourself by going out to eat.  If your resolution is to get in shape and you have been sticking to your workout and diet plan, then reward yourself with a day off.  Rewards should be a treat for good behavior not a common practice.

So share with us some of your New Years resolutions? How can these tips help you stick to your resolution? What are some other challenges that you face? Share your thoughts, success, questions, or challenges below!

And Good Luck!

(Courtesy of: Kaylin Hickson, Community Assistant in Building 8)


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