Staying Healthy in College: Top 4 Tips


Tip 1: Eat right.

Eating right is easier said than done. Pizza rolls, ramen noodles, etc. are easy foods to just throw in the microwave and eat. I understand the cravings of chips ahoy cookies and salty lays chips. Instead of eliminating all of these foods you can just reduce the amount of times you eat them. When you get time during the week, pre-make your food or make a large amount and store part of it in the fridge. For example, make some chicken, pasta and veggies one night and store in Ziploc bags or containers in the fridge. When you get home from school, instead of grabbing the bag of pizza rolls grab the already cooked meal in the fridge.  This way you receive your basic food groups and it did not take long to make.  You could also pack it in your book bag and when you get a break in between classes eat your packed lunch. To satisfy your cravings take one day out of the week to eat whatever you want. Here are some quick easy healthy meals you could make for dinner and lunch:

http://www.seventeen.com/college/freshman/recipes-for-college-students#slide-11 or


Tip 2: Drink Water

Water keeps you hydrated and helps breaks down all of the food in your stomach. Water removes toxins and waste products from your body contributing to a healthy life. If our body lacks water, then our heart has to work harder to pump fresh oxygenated blood to our organs.  When you drink water it helps to relieve headaches and back pain. Although there are many reasons that contribute to headaches, dehydration is one of the most common ones. It removes the by-products of fat and keeps you healthy. Drinking water regularly suppresses your appetite but it contains virtually no calories. Pack one with you on your way to class. If you do not have a water bottle, you can always stop by a water fountain every now and then. To learn more about the benefits of drinking water check out this site:


Tip 3: Get Sleep

Sleep is essential; it does not only allow your mind to rest but also your body. It helps rejuvenate your body allowing it to work efficiently all day. If your body does not rest it will not respond correctly. You will have harder time paying attention in class, as well as feel over worked and stressed. Stress and lack of sleep will lead to weight gain. Get a good amount of sleep to help keep you healthy and alert.  Here is a website that explains some positive benefits of sleep:


Tip 4: Exercise.

With school schedules, work study and homework; going to the gym does not always fit into your schedule. So how are you supposed to stay fit in college? Well, it’s simple…When walking to class in the morning speed up your walk. Speed walking boosts your metabolism and your heart rate. If you have a class on the top floor, take the stairs. After you get home from class and before you break out the homework, just do some stretches to relax your muscles. Take breaks between your homework assignments.  Get up, stretch again, put a song on dance it out and then continue your homework. This helps keep the blood flowing and also helps you concentrate on the assignment in front of you. Exercise does not always mean going to the gym.  Here is a link that has some “lazy” fitness tips. Things that you can do while you are walking, at work or at home:  http://violetsage.wordpress.com/tag/lazy-girl-fitness/

If you just follow these tips, you will be on your way to a healthier lifestyle in college.  What are some things you do to stay healthy?  How can others implement these tips into their lifestyle?

The first 10 people who post comments will be entered into a drawing for Wellbeing: The Five Essential Elements by Tom Rath.  An excellent resource to help you stay on top of your health and wellness!

by Paige Williams


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