Lent: Are You Giving Anything Up?


After everyone has devoured their tasty treats on Fat Tuesday, the Lenten season began on Ash Wednesday, February 13th. Lent is the forty day period prior to Easter Sunday. This time frame represents the forty days that Jesus Christ spent in the desert at the beginning of his public ministry.

Many people participate in Lent in different ways and not everyone chooses to give up something they enjoy. Some people are obligated to give something up because of their religion; while others choose to give something up for personal reasons. Many people refrain from participating.

Below is a brief list of ways people celebrate Lent:
1. Attend church more often
2. Read the Bible more frequently
3. Spend more time praying
4. Sacrifice a few hours a week not participating in activities that are distracting (i.e. watching television, reading magazines, listening to music)
5. Consuming less food or fasting on certain days of the week
6. Giving up meat on Fridays and eating seafood instead
7. Giving up snacking between meals

I do not feel obligated to give something up for Lent, but I choose to do so because of my beliefs.  This year I have chosen to give up candies and sweets. Although, I know it is going to be difficult because of my love for chocolate and cake.  However with support, I know that I can overcome that temptation.

If you are deciding to participate in Lent, what are you giving up and why is this important to you?  If you have chosen not to participate in Lent, what are you thankful this New Year and why? 

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