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Myths & Facts About Vulcan Village

From time to time we hear incorrect information being reported about our community. We want to set the record straight. As student life administrators, we want to make sure that students and parents are getting the most correct information about Vulcan Village so you can make an informed choice about where you are going to live during your time at California University of Pennsylvania.

Below are the most cited myths and facts about Vulcan Village:


  • MYTHIt costs more to live at Vulcan Village than the dorms.
  • FACT – Vulcan Village is less expensive than the dorms.

The Student Association, Inc. (SAI), which owns all of campus housing, including Vulcan Village, tries to keep rates of both communities comparable with each other. Since the operations of Vulcan Village is independent from the university, we can offer very competitive rates, which are less costly than living on campus. Additionally, students living at Vulcan Village are not required to have a meal plan as is the case with living in the dorms.


  • MYTH – You have to pay for parking.
  • FACT – Parking is FREE at Vulcan Village for residents.

There has never been a charge for residents to park at Vulcan Village. We believe that parking should be FREE for our residents as this is an expected amenity.


  • MYTH – You have to pay for all of the apartment utilities.
  • FACT – All utilities are included in the cost of the rent.

Electricity, water, sewage, garbage removal, recycling, basic cable TV, and wired & wireless internet are all included in the price of the rent. We do have a monthly electricity cap for each apartment to prevent abuse ($190.00 for four bedroom apartments and $120.00 for two bed room apartments), but we have not had to charge students for this as the cap is purposely generous so billing does not have to occur.


  • MYTH – Vulcan Village is less safe than other housing options.
  • FACT – Vulcan Village is no less safe than living on campus.

We are proud that our community is a clean and safe place for students to live. We have many safety measures in place, including the following: a live-in, full-time professional assistant director; live-in student community assistant staffers; security cameras strategically placed throughout the community; full fire alarm and suppression systems in every residential building; contracted courtesy patrol officer on rounds Thursday – Saturday evenings until 3:00 AM; regular drive-through rounds by campus and borough police officers; regular and on-going communication between Vulcan Village professional staff and the California Borough Police, campus police, Vice President of Student Affairs, and the Associate Dean for Student Conduct.

Please contact us (724) 938-8990 if you have any questions about Vulcan Village. You can also find out more about us by going to and


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