25 Things To Do in Pittsburgh

Living in Pennsylvania can sometimes be a blessing and a curse as I am sure most of us know especially if that delightful rodent in Punxsutawney sees his stupid shadow. Unfortunately, we have been cursed with six more weeks of winter, or have we? Lately, this weather has been something of a mystery. I am sure most of us want to get out and enjoy the sunshine and the good weather. So I have decided to put together a list of my top “25 Things To Do in Pittsburgh.” Not all of the activities are outside, so if it is raining, or Lord help us, it snows, I have included opportunities that indoors. Most of these are fairly priced for our lovely college budgets.

The first few things on my list are things Pittsburgh is well known for:

  • ITS A HOCKEY NIGHT! While we all know of “Student Rush Tickets,” believe it or not, this is NOT the best way to get good seats at a Pens game especially if you wish to sit together with your friends. The best way to get tickets is to wait until the day of the game. Around 4:00pm get online and look at the various ticket sites. People liquidate their seats! Can you say $150 tickets for $40. WINNING!
  • “America’s Favorite Past Time” is also a good way to pass the time. The best part about the Pirates is the food and ticket prices. Even better, combine the two and get all you can eat tickets.  Don’t miss out on a season that is bound to blow us all away. At $38 a piece there is no reason to miss out. If this is too much there are cheaper tickets.
  • The Improv Comedy Club: Plain and Simple –  laugh your arse off!

Pittsburgh offers a vast variety of museums spanning across space and time:

The Cultural District is a good place to start out a splendid evening especially if you have someone special you wish to treat to a good evening! It offers live music, theater, and even comedy shows at great prices!

  • Heinz Hall: Home of one of the country’s most prestigious orchestras, the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra!
  • Benedum Center: Live shows and more! Musical and theater!
  • Pittsburgh Public Theater: Contemporary theater for those looking for a distract from the sophisticated culture.
  • Pittsburgh Ballet: Sit back and enjoy the art of ballet.

Parks and Recreation is always a good place to go if your looking for a little fun in the sun:

  • Phipps Conservatory & Botanical Gardens: Enjoy the serene view of the beautiful gardens among the city!
  • Pittsburgh National Aviary: Enjoy a stroll through the aviary, and witness some of the world’s most magnificent birds!
  • Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium: Lions, tigers, and bears, OH MY! You’ll see a few other critters as well!
  • Kennywood: Traditional amusement park, beautifully landscaped, and designated as a national and state historic landmark.
  • Bike Pittsburgh: Rent a bike there or bring your own to ride on the paths. Pittsburgh offers beautiful bike paths and scenery across the city and its surrounding areas!
  • Pittsburgh Observatory: Take in the sights, literally! Take a tour of the observatory and maybe catch a glimpse of a planet through a telescope!
  • Falling Water: Witness one of the great architectural feats in the United States.

(***Note: This attraction is not in Pittsburgh, but closer to Cal U. by the Ohiopyle State Park.***)

The city offers many opportunities to tour different aspects of its vast history!

  • Just Ducky Tours: Sounds funny huh? Take a tour of the city in a land boat! Tour the inner city and the river all on one vessel!
  • Gateway Clipper Fleet: Take a tour of the city along the river. Most tours involve a show and dinner. One of the best is the Spanish culture night! Great food, excellent dance floor, and beautiful night city back drop.
  • PNC Park: Tour the beautiful home of the Pittsburgh Pirates and see how things work behind the scenes.
  • Heinz Field: The legendary home of the Grid Iron! Tour the home of the Pittsburgh Steelers, and see where most of the NFL’s Lombardi Trophies reside.
  • Console Energy Center: Tour the home of the Pittsburgh Penguins and see the brand new stadium.

Of course there are also FREE things to do around the city:

So these are just some of the fun and amazing things the city of Pittsburgh has to offer. I am sure there are plenty more things to do. So please share some of the things you love to do in the city! Any ideas on where someone could go to have some fun or get a bite to eat? Lets us know in the comments below.


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